Ritual Bath for Purification

A ritual detox bath can help banish fatigue, lessen the effects of cold and flu, reduce stress and release energetic “gunk”. Learn how to get the most from your detox soak.

Self-Love or Self-Care

Is there a difference between self-love and self-care? Can you embrace one without the other?

I’m Picking Up Good Vibrations

Toxic Positivity or Social Convention? Should we be expected to modify our behaviors, wear a mask, or take on a fake persona to get along on social media?

Rainy Days and Sundays

The sun woke me early this morning.  It’s always a welcome awakening. Shining through my east bedroom window the beam strikes the mirror (positioned to catch it) and light floods the entire room. For a few moments, I lay silent, letting the illumination fill me; it reaches into the shadowed corners of my psyche and…

Have Garden Will Share

Sadly, most of my garden is now overgrown and choked with weeds. I feel more and more each day that I’m falling hopelessly behind. This year I’ve accepted, with much sorrow that my once lovely gardens, having offered me daily retreat for so long, are now lost to me.