Inspiring Women in Midlife to Claim Their Magic

The Middle Aged Goddess first made herself known to me about the time I was saying so long to my thirties. I quickly nicknamed her the MAD Goddess, for she spoke to me from the heart of my wildest yearnings to have reign over my own life. She is a madwoman in every mirthful, fearful and powerful nuance of the word. She has taught me that life isn’t about growing older, it’s about developing an ageless attitude, and the MAD Goddess has Attitude with a capital A.

Losing my youth wasn’t easy, but the MAD Goddess in me saw the perks – more patience, less drama, and a whole lot of living life my way. It’s so much easier when you stop sweating the small stuff. The Mad Goddess showed me how to keep my eye on the bigger picture, and give my energy to the truly important things in my life, like family, friends, and health. It isn’t alway easy, but every day is an opportunity to create a little magic—even if it’s a simple as brewing up a cup of tea and lighting a scented candle.

One thing I’ve learned is to roll with punches. Oh, and this ~

Others will

  • place no greater value on you than you place on yourself
  • give you no more respect than you give yourself
  • love you any better than you can love yourself

Now after two decades of sitting on my shoulder, whispering anarchy to the patriarchy in my ear, this MAD Goddess compels me to share our tales of the journey beyond midlife, creating magic, and finding sovereignty. You can keep up with my latest ruminations, rants, and rebellious thoughts of a not so old woman by following my Bloggity, blah, blah ramblings.

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