Welcome to the virtual realm of the MAD Goddess™. That’s short for Middle AgeGoddess, and indeed when all of this began I was middle aged, and a tad bit mad (in a not going to take it anymore kind of way). These days, I’m not so much of either. Instead I’m becoming a crone one experience at a time.

You’re probably wondering what this is all about. Here’s a Menu to appease the TLDR Goddesses our there (that’s Too Long Didn’t Read, if you don’t know). If you’d rather cut right to the chase, go to “Your Story.”

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Now for the rest of you.

Not so long ago I would have said I was becoming crone one mistake at a time, but as an emerging crone-woman I am expected to be wise; wise women don’t make mistakes, we simply have learning experiences.

Anyway, a funny thing happened on the way to this place; I lost my youth and found my way—my own way. I’m manifesting a simpler life, a life I can love, with fewer things to weigh me down and more experiences to lift me up. I want to have less and do more. Things don’t always go as I planned but I’m hanging in there—sometimes by a thread.

I am a writer, artist, homemaker, feminist and wildcraft witch. I look to the stories of ancient Goddess archetypes to understand the Divine Feminine aspect in today’s modern world.

I’m living the second half of life without surrender (otherwise known as having zero F⊗§ to give). If you care to join me, you can follow along with the unruly thoughts of a not-so-old lady by clicking on Musings in the menu.

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