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Isn’t it time you started giving at least as much to yourself, as you have always given to others?

We are no longer only the nurturers, the hand rocking the cradle, the power behind the throne—we are the creative energy, the manifestors, and the healers. We are the glue in our families, the bridge-builders, the compassionate heart of our communities, the soul of society. We are the witches.

We must be magical because we do all of this under any number of cloaks—

Wife   ~   Partner  ~  Mother  ~  Daughter  ~  Sister   ~   Caretaker

Life happened, and now here you are, in the thick of it. Overworked, under appreciated and exhausted. So what next?

Good News! Now is the time to start living life on your terms, eyes wide open, all options on the table. Now is the time to remember who you are, who you’ve always been deep down—who you long to be. Now is the time to nurture yourself, follow your own path,  and live your own dream. Now is the time to manifest your magick!

Are you ready to find your voice; to stand up and stand out, to speak your mind when it matters? Are you ready to unleash the wise and wild Goddess aspect that lies within and claim your power—in whatever gentle or fierce way it unfolds? Are your ready for your truth?

Join me for the journey.

I offer personal development and direction through the use of intentional creativity, healing arts, and a four-step program of Self CARE™ for women stepping into their sovereignty.

Here are my creds, if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

  • Priestess/Witch
  • Reiki Master Practitioner
  • Herbal Apprentice
  •  YogaFit® Instructor
  • SoulCollage® Facilitator
  • Certified Life Strategies Coach
    with Health and Wellness Concentration

Give me a holler if you want to know more about personal coaching or designing your a group retreat.

Check out custom content on Patreon packed with simple witchery for bringing magick to your life.

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