Your Story

Isn’t it time you started giving at least as much to yourself, as you have always given to others?
Daughter   ~   Sister   ~   Wife   ~   Mother    ~  Grandmother

. . . been there, done that?

Throughout the ages women have been the nurtures of the world, yet there was a time when we were co-creators, standing on equal ground. Stripped of our sovereignty, we became consigned to the hand rocking the cradle, the power behind the throne, the silent partner. As seasoned women we are ageless, coming into our own wisdom born of experience, of knowing the joys and sorrows of life. Now is the time to nurture ourselves, follow our own paths, live our own dreams, write our own stories and share them with the world.

Are you ready to find your voice; to stand up and stand out, to speak your mind when it matters? Are you ready to unleash the wise and wild Goddess aspect that lies within amd claim your power—in whatever gentle or fierce way it manifest? Then join me for the journey.

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