Grounding and Centering

A simple grounding and centering practice can be a touchstone guiding you through the day.

Ritual Bath for Purification

A ritual detox bath can help banish fatigue, lessen the effects of cold and flu, reduce stress and release energetic “gunk”. Learn how to get the most from your detox soak.

Wishcraft or Witchcraft — The Power of Intention

I’m facilitating my Self CARE™ program of personal development for a closed Facebook group focused on healing of body, mind and spirit. It’s bringing me all the way back to my days as a health and wellness coach, and my blog,  Living Well, Body – Mind – Spirit. I didn’t identify as a witch 20-some…

Witching Up a Recipe

My mother made, hands down, the best pickled beets I’ve ever tasted. Judging for the request she (and now I) received for the recipe, they are the best pickled beets just about anybody has ever tasted. And it takes less than 10 minutes to make them.

Simple Witchery Part 3 — The Four Pillars of Witchcraft

  To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Keep Silent   What does that mean for a practicing witch? These are the four governing principals of the practice of all witchcraft. Each is simple at first glance, and means just what you would think, to have knowledge, to be willing to apply that knowledge, to…

Witchy Wares: A Merry Little Gift List

I’ve been so busy in my northwoods realm I nearly forgot to share my list of witchin’ gifts for the holidays. Topping my gift picks this year is anything from Sarah Ann Lawless’s newly launched herbal shop, Bane Folk. I have long been a follower of this folk herbal witch, watching her develop and refine her…