I’m Picking Up Good Vibrations

Toxic Positivity or Social Convention? Should we be expected to modify our behaviors, wear a mask, or take on a fake persona to get along on social media?

This Is What Self Care Looks Like Today

I’m not celebrating our “Great America” today. I’m not setting eyes on any parade.

A Year of Becoming Crone

I marked sixty years of life last month. I am relishing the milestone. True, a trace of mourning for my lost youth still lingers around my edges, but the circle turns ever onward and aging is life. I find I spend more time imagining my crone years stretching out before me, who I want to…

Historical Trauma Is Not A Free Pass for Creating More Harm

Like other communities (both online and off) that deal with endeavors in creative and intellectual property, there are concerns over cultural appropriation, specifically in these spaces, the appropriation of cultural faith beliefs and spiritual practice. To be clear, I’m talking about pre-Christian spiritual practices and customs.