When Good Is Good Enough

I have been the MAD Goddess for so long now I have to dust off my math skills to figure out that this alter ego, the Middle Aged Mouthpiece in me, has been around for almost half my life. At early 30-something I was, maybe, inching my toes into the stream of midlife. Never-the-less, the … Continue reading When Good Is Good Enough


Christmas 2.0: A Holiday Made for Two

Once you've feathered your empty nest, the reality of  spending your December Holidays with you, yourself and maybe your significant other (if you have one)  can be a real slap in the face. How many years did you exhaust yourself conjuring up holiday festivities, traditions and gobs of gifts for your children, only to have … Continue reading Christmas 2.0: A Holiday Made for Two


I’ve been quite busy since returning from my little island sojourn this past winter.  Living in a 28-foot by 8-feet-or-so space for several weeks was much easier than I’d anticipated. Sure, the quarters seem close sometimes, especially when spouses aren’t seeing eye to eye, but the perks of sunny skies and mild temperatures more than … Continue reading WHAT A LULU