A Belly Full of Satisfaction

A trace of the year’s first true snowfall is still on the ground. We are one full week into November, the midpoint of autumn by the wheel of the year. But here in my northern realm, it feels and looks a bit more like winter.

I am cozied up alongside my hearth, with flame in the grate and tea in my cup to keep me warm. I have just finished eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, on white bread no less. It was delicious; every bit as good as it was when I was kid and enjoyed them almost daily. Mmmm – mmmm!

When is the last time you had one? It’s been quite some time for me, and you too I’ll wager, especially if you are on a diet, watching your weight, or cutting sugar, fat and white flour from your daily intake.

Good gracious, I hardly ever have white bread in my house anymore. But there are two things I absolutely refuse to eat on grainy, tan bread – grilled cheese and, now, peanut butter and jelly.

And you know what? It’s not the occasional grilled cheese sandwich (even with its processed and probably trans-fat laden nature) or the peanut butter with its healthier, though hefty dose of fat, or even the nutrition and fiber weak white bread – none of these things are what made us a nation of overweight people. It is the over indulgence in convenience and fast food, the glut of packaged candy and cookies and cakes (Oh My!). These things were all special treats when we were young.

It’s because of the lack of movement that breaks a little sweat. It’s our washing machines and steam mops and self propelled vacuums, our riding lawn mowers, spinning weed trimmers and two or more cars per family. This is what’s helping us pack on the pounds.

So go ahead, make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or a gooey grilled cheese on white– use the Velveeta and real butter too. Savor each bite and let the flavors slide over your taste buds.

If you’re worried about the extra calories, wash all your windows to better let in the light over the coming dark days of winter. Between your belly full with yummy goodness and the spic and span sparkle of your glass panes, why, you’ll be as satisfied as that canary eating cat.


4 responses to “A Belly Full of Satisfaction

  • Ashling

    Well said! I too often indulge in the ‘bad’ things carelessly, but it’s a different experience when you do it mindfully, without judgment but with full awareness. Enjoy!!

    PS I won’t eat bacon on anything but white bread even though I otherwise won’t touch the stuff

  • Judith Liebaert

    Well, wonder of wonders. I just found out that Velveeta slices have less saturated fat and calories than those “other” brands. Let the grilling of the cheese begin!

  • candy7

    Love, love, love peanut butter and jelly – especially with tart Michigan cherry preserves as my “jelly”. However, no, no, no Velveeta! If I lived in America’s Dairyland, it would be real cheese (and cheese curds) for me:)

    I just discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts.

    • Judith Liebaert

      For all other but grilled cheese I am a Wisconsin real cheese head for sure – but I do love the creamy, gooey goodness of Velveeta on my grillers.

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