“All of us come into this life with unique gifts. We are beings who are self expressing from the time we enter into the room,”

~ Shilo Sophia, Artist and Visionary

I found Shilo Sophia’s beautiful images of the divine feminine spirit earlier this year, or I should say, they found me. I truly believe that what we most desire finds its way to us. The question is, are we ready to greet it with open arms and a loving heart?

We are all born with the desire to self express through intentional creativity. In its purest form it manifests as the longing to recreate in our own image, to give birth to children who will perpetuate some part of us. It also drives artistic creation in the form of visual art, writing, music and design. But what about planting – gardening and farming? What about building – infrastructure, or widgets, or building the business that builds the widgets? What about less solid form visible activities? What about the energy that goes into the creation of ministering, healing, marketing and selling, teaching, or serving others?

I am here to tell you that everything we do, is a creation that begins first as a thought. If nurtured, that thought will grow with our personal energy and, if allowed, will manifest as our own creation. And we have the same power to create the life we desire.

I didn’t always get this. Before the MAD Goddess muse started whispering to me, I let others’ energy shape and define me. We all do – it’s the norm. We are taught to behave as civil human beings do. We are taught to fit into society. We are taught to conform.

Shilo’s wise words resurrected a poem I wrote many years ago. I had to search for it, though files of loose paper and scribbled words. I think it may well be the MAD Goddess’s first whisper to me.

my own small voice
what if –
only child
childless Woman
who am I then
just more names
fitting me to others’ frames
i have listened long to their words
fragmented by the messages heard
now one voice, though quiet and small
has the magic to silence them all

Copyright – All rights reserved.

Who are you?  Who do you want to be in your second half of life? What spark of creativity is hiding beneath layers of imposed fear, pain, anger or abuse? You might think there is no spark, that it smothered long ago.

Nothing is further from the truth. The spark lives; it lives now, inside of you. It lives outside of you in others of your tribe – women like yourself, women who have shared your experience even though you have never met them. I personally believe the spark lives on beyond this physical life in the form of spirit energy. I believe it survives in memory, living on in your children and grandchildren for generations.

The point is, no matter how far down into the shadows your spark has retreated, you can light it up again! Let it enflame and engulf your entire being – mind, body, soul and spirit! Let it rise up from the ashes like the phoenix. Let it consume you. Let it burn stronger, better, brighter than ever before. Let it consume your doubts and your fears, let it fuel your purpose and passion.

You know who you are, you know how beautiful and creative and loving and valuable you are. Stop listening to your limiting thoughts, they are merely echoes from the words of others who have no idea what you are capable of. Start listening to your truth. Start living the second half of your life according to you.


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