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Shine On Me Sunshine

As Donna Fargo would say, “I’m the happiest girl in the whole U.S.A.” That is exactly how I feel when summer finally arrives.

Every year when I celebrate the June solstice and move into the days of high summer, I am once again astonished by how deeply I am connected to earth and wed to the sun. Days in my garden surrounded by the perfume of my childhood, forays into the hedge and woods where I find myself enchanted by ground lilies, trillium and the miniscule structure of moss, walking miles of beach, combing for gifts from the Great Gitche Gumee—I am more physically and spiritually alive than any other time of the year.

For a pantheist leaning, ecology protecting advocate, my affinity for the season of summer feels a bit like having a favorite child—complete with the attending guilt. But try as I might I just can’t manifest the same, deep feelings for mother earth during her weeping, wet season of spring and I grow ever more weary of her frigid winter tantrums which (in my northern realm) she indulges in for far too long in my opinion. I could perhaps become attached to her in all her lovely adornment of autumn if the season was not so fickle and fleeting.

Yes, I get that all of these seasons are necessary for the cycle to complete itself, for the growing things and hibernating animals to rest, for the earth to drink in the melting snows and rains in her own renewal. Winter is her beauty rest, spring her awakening and nourishing, and autumn is her final blazing glory.

The season of summer is her lavish, debutante ball. From Summer Solstice to Autumn Equinox we dance at her benevolence, in the glow of her beauty—and we too are transformed by her magical ways

In this time of profuse growth we are gifted with harvests from the seeds we sew, from the flower gardens we lovingly tend, and from the bounties of natural eco-systems we have maintained and protected through green practices. It is the season of abundance and leisure. Who wouldn’t love that?.

If, in our personal wheel of life we find ourselves in the youth of spring, the autumn of wisdom born of experience, or the winter of our final days, for these short months we can imagine it is our summer and relish the sweetness of the vine.

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Spring Fever

Flapping About

Flapping About

I have been chasing spring these past few weeks, trying to catch up to Mother Nature’s coming out party wherever she may be making her debut.  Spring has been an elusive Diva, managing to stay always a few steps ahead of me.

In my wandering, I felt fortunate to spend some time where I was able to take early morning walks around a tranquil pond. The little oasis was frequented by area wildlife, including a rather large flock of Canadian geese, a family of ducks, numerous turtles, and a graceful, white egret.  I have more photos than I care to count of the geese and the ducks.  There are quite a few of the turtles sunning themselves, tucked close together on a fallen tree trunk. I even have several of the egret, though it was a tad camera shy.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

One visitor to the pond was not as easy to capture – a Great Blue Heron.  I spotted him moving in the underbrush of the little island that sits in the center of the bowl, with about 50 yards of water between us. I moved along the curving rim of my shoreline, stepping slowly and as soundlessly as possible. He stepped cautiously in and out of the trees, always seeming to duck behind a broad trunk, moving out of the circle of my camera lense each time I thought I had a good shot. The best I got was this blurred image (he is holding a fish in his beak).

A few days ago, I left the lodgings on the edge of the little pond to set up camp a bit further south, still seeking the sunshine and warm weather I crave.  As soon as the stakes were pounded in and my lights were strung along the front of my traveling gypsy wagon I went for my customary lay-of-the-land walk.  There is always much to see when walking past the compact, wheeled homes of fellow travelers, each adorned (or not) to reflect the personalities of the occupants.

While I was gawking at colored lights, wind chimes, wind and sun catchers, and other yard ornaments including customary bird statuary (mostly, but not limited to, plastic flamingos) I came nearly beak to bellybutton with a very much living and breathing Great Blue Heron. After all the time spent stalking another that was clearly not ready for his close up, here was this bold bird standing right in front of me – and me without my camera!

Sometimes the things we chase seem stubbornly elusive, evading our best attempts to grasp and hold tight. I have traveled from the top of the country to it’s near bottom point in my pursuit of warm, spring weather and still it eludes me – a reminder that the law of attraction might be powerful but it does not override the laws of nature.

Laying the groundwork to achieve goals is all well and good. Still, we cannot forget that all things take time and sometimes we have to pause in our pursuit to let time unfold in its natural course. To everything there is a season.

But, like the Blue Heron who stepped to within my arm’s reach reminds me, we must always be prepared for the opportunity when it comes knocking on our door.

I’m off for my morning walk – this time with my camera.

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