It’s April first, April Fool’s Day. While I used to enjoy a good prank on this day, even when it was on me, it’s not my thing anymore. Since I’m going to be staying home all day, just the hubs and me, I’m pretty sure any Fool’s day foolery is off the table. Though Mother Nature sort of got in the game with six inches of snow and overnight temperatures fit for Christmas not Easter.

Yes, it is Easter today too! I’ll be popping a few Cornish hens into the oven and boiling up some eggs. Maybe I’ll devil them. The irony of deviled eggs on this days tweaks my funny bone.

It is also the first day of my birthday month. I turn 60 this year. Did you hear that? SIXTY. It’s a big deal. I’ve thought about making a bucket list, though I’ve never resonated with that fad. At this point, I’m afraid there would be only one thing on the list. Take each day as it comes, welcoming any opportunities for adventure and new experiences that cross my path.

Not that I’m not a planner. I’m a planner. I’ve set goals all of my life and I’ve worked my plans to achieve them, and achieve them I do gosh darn it! Whew, just typing that out exhausts me with the weight of it’s rigid insistence.

I recall the lyrics to a Pam Tillis song I used to love to belt out: “Mi vida loca, over and over, destiny turns on a dime. I go where the wind blows, you can’t tame a wild rose; welcome to my crazy life.” I miss that spontaneous me.

As this new decade begins, I’m feeling much more that I just want to let go and go with the flow, like a jellyfish—let the current take me where it will. Jellyfish get a bad rap what with being spineless drifters and all, but let’s face it, the ocean is the ocean; does it matter where you float as long as you are still floating?


So then, this is my bucket list:

  • Float like a jellyfish
  • Ride the wind like a seed
  • Go where life takes you
  • Enjoy the ride and scenery
  • Don’t worry so much about where you end up





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