A Bear in Winter

I’m drinking my morning wake-up coffee in a darkened house, sitting by the warm glow of the gas fireplace. Outside the wind is howling and it’s dark. Really, really dark. In the northern realm, we’re getting about nine hours of light from sun up to sun down. Most days, I am up before the sun is.FullSizeRender_1

I welcome the slower pace this time of year. There is plenty of time to catch up with indoor projects that were left languishing during the high months of summer. There’s time to spend in quiet contemplation, reconnecting  to my personal touch points— discovering where I am on my life path and where I want to go. Still, these dark days of deep winter can be troublesome for me.

The scarcity of light during the long, cold months nudges me into a state of near hibernation; I go deeper into my self-imposed cave each day. Since I also suffer FullSizeRenderwith a high degree of Seasonal Affective Disorder (aptly named SAD), this holing up indoors  has me longing to swaddle myself in soporific fleece and curl up into a state of cozy semi-consciousness to await spring’s return.

Oh to be a bear in winter, to close my eyes to the dismal dark and sleep through until the light returns.

Since I haven’t mastered the art of shape shifting (yet), and thus won’t be morphing into a bear any time soon,  I’ve decided instead to buy a full FullSizeRender_2spectrum light. I’m sure my failing eyesight will thank me as much as my moody self.

In the meantime, while I’m waiting for my GLAD lamp (Gobs of Light All Day)to arrive in the mail, I’m painting my blue period.


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