Making the Connection

After a week of temperatures that dipped to 35-below zero,we’re starting to come out of the deep freeze here in northern Wisconsin (for now). Regardless, there are months (and months) of winter still in store. Our April showers  are generally of the snow variety and flowers do not begin appearing until almost June.

Add to that the fact that I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and you’ll begin to understand that winter is not exactly my favorite time of year.

It’s been especially brutal here already, with more days of below zero temperature in December than not. That’s harsh, even for this far-north wilderness. In past, I would be deep in the throes of cabin fever by now.  However, these days, I am more content to draw inward and enjoy the quiet, slower pace that comes with shorter days and colder air. I’m not sure if it’s my advancing age, or the deeper connection I’ve developed with the seasons of the year. Either way it is a growing appreciation of the natural cycles of life.

If you are are gathering with my tribe in the Dark Moon Lodge, you should have already accessed the pdfs for supplies and the overview of the SelfC.A.R.E.™ program (the password for the page is darkmoon). Throughout our journey, I will post updates here so be sure to subscribe or “follow” my posts by email. During our Winter season, posts will be approximately every two weeks, giving you ample time between to do the work. It’s not a lot of work, but moreso requires time to explore your thoughts, patterns and self beliefs for best results. If you are not already familiar with Julie Cameron’s Morning Pages from her book, The Artist’s Way, take some time to explore the daily writing habit she describes. It can be very helpful in accessing your deepest thoughts. Keep these morning pages in your binder.

Winter is the perfect time for the first step of SelfC.A.R.E.™, finding clarity. We often think we know what we want, but when pressed to really define our dreams, to look not at the big picture but the underlying motivations and rewards, we can see a clearer path to success. And, what better time of year than now, for reading a good book – or two. I recommend The Circle: How the Power of a Single Wish can Change Your Life, by Laura Day, and Creating a Charmed Life: Secrets Every Woman Should Know, by Victoria Moran.

Wheel of the Year

Wheel of the Year

We begin that journey to clarification with two wheels, mandalas in a fashion. The Wheel of Life assessment tool will help you to define areas of your life that you want to enrich.

The Wheel of the Year, one of your art journal prompt, will help you develop a connection with seasons and cycles in nature and in your life. Here is a look at mine, still in progress. I will likely add more representative drawings or collage over the journal writing outside of the wheel as we progress through the course. There is also a an additional exercise to help you begin exploring where your happiness lies. As you complete pages put them in your binder in the Winter/Clarity section.

Everything you need is available in the Dark Moon Lodge (remember, password is darkmoon). Click on the pdfs, save them to your computer, then use your browsers back arrow to return to the Lodge. Do this for each document.

If you have any questions, email me at Please put Dark Moon Lodge in the subject line.

If you missed it, here’s last week’s post with the invitation to the Dark Moon Lodge.

Also, be sure to visit and LIKE the MAD Goddess Facebook Page and I will share images and encouragement there along the way.


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