The Turning Wheel

This moon phase began with the new moon on Sept. 5th and will end with dark moon on Oct. 3. This autumn moon represents change, the cycles of seasons in nature and in our lives. The moon is associated in Celtic lore with the Triple Goddess, Maiden, Mother and Crone.
In our modern society, these stages overlap more than ever before. We can thank our consumer culture for the unrealistic expectation of remaining eternally youthful, forever the maiden. Women of age and wisdom are, to say the least, not exactly honored in our culture. Yet, look around; if ever we needed the wisdom of grandmothers now is the time.
Instead, how many of us are  still mothering our adult children, effectively clipping their wings? How many of us find ourselves providing primary childrcare for our grandchildren long after our Mother stage should have naturally passed? Is it because young parents are not stepping up to the plate, or because we have refused to step aside for them?
I asked my oldest daughter and mother of four, why she thinks so many of her generation seemed to be totally overwhelmed by the task of parenting their children.
“Too many parents who weren’t around or thought their job was  to make everything easier for us growing up,” she said.
Wow! What an eye opener.
So to make up for it we are mothering our children and grandchildren. Yet again we are failing to pass on the mantle of Mother and step into our roles as Crone. What we must ask ourselves is whether stepping in to pick up the slack for our adult children is a selfless or selfish act on our part?  Should we be raising children long after nature would  have us do so? Should we be prolonging our daughters’ Maiden stage beyond its time?
Is our reluctance to take up the duties of Crone because we think that we are not yet seasoned enough for this wisdom stage? If not us, then who?
What stage are you in? Do you find yourself juggling all three? How can you honor your stage and ground your being in your natural place? And how will that help those around you – family, friends, community?

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