There’s a joke that’s been making the email rounds for a while now. It’s about God, the Garden of Eden and that infamous first couple Adam and Eve. In this conjecture, Eve was created first and, oddly enough, she had three breasts. When God asked her how things were going, she reported being mostly pleased, but wondered why she had 3 breasts when all the animals were symmetrical. She didn’t want to complain, but that third breast kind of got in the way.

God agreed, reached down, removed the unnecessary mammary appendage and tossed it into the bushes. A few weeks later he called on Eve again, asking how things were.

“Fine,” she said. “But I was wondering; all the animals have a mate and I’m kind of lonely. Might I have one too?”

God agreed to grant her request and looking around said, “Now what did I do with that useless boob?”

There’s a fine question. What do we Mad Goddess women do with our useless boobs (translate husbands, partners, boyfriends or consorts – whatever suits you) when they turn out to be more of an annoyance than they seem worth?

You could start with a list of pros and cons – virtues and faults but you probably already know them by heart without ever writing them down. You could turn your troubles into a cash cow. A famous author of a woman’s detective series wrote her first book from her wishful plotting of her husband’s quick demise.

You could be grateful that we’re not as limited as our mothers and grandmothers. You know, there was a time when a woman could be committed to an insane asylum with nothing more than the signature of two relatives – her husband counting as one. Of course, that was a time when a stay in an asylum, with three meals a day and a clean bed, might have been a welcome vacation. You know what Cher says about marriage: “It’s a fine institution, if you like living in an institution.”

We could be like our daughters – a new generation of women who seem to be tipping the scales of career, money and power in their favor. The downside is that many of them end up with boys that never grow up instead of husbands.

I guess a Middle Aged Goddess, like myself, just has to learn to live with a useless boob that sometimes gets in the way, demands too much attention and (even though you think it can’t be possible) sinks to new, disappointing levels of every day.


3 responses to “USELESS BOOBS and MEN

  • Laura

    Another email that is going around shows that more women would prefer to give up sex for two weeks than the internet. I would prefer to malign my boob than not have one, and decide to wait than have no choice. What’s a boob for any way? Isn’t it’s purpose to serve others? Breastfeeding and, well, we know that boobs like boobs. But us, we need to hitch ’em up with uncomfortable bras and pluck out those unseemly hairs. We never enjoy them. They truly demonstrate that we are here for others’ pleasure.

  • The MAD Goddess

    Well, I kinda enjoyed mine when I was young and they were perky. Buy, ya, for the most part, they seem to give more to others than to me. You know, a man would NEVER say that about his penis.

  • Anonymous

    I was a lil scared to read this one LOL Thought you were gossiping about your freakshow daughter again just kidding kate

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