“All of us come into this life with unique gifts. We are beings who are self expressing from the time we enter into the room,” ~ Shilo Sophia, Artist and Visionary I found Shilo Sophia’s beautiful images of the divine feminine spirit earlier this year, or I should say, they found me. I truly believe … Continue reading LIGHT IT UP!


A Belly Full of Satisfaction

A trace of the year's first true snowfall is still on the ground. We are one full week into November, the midpoint of autumn by the wheel of the year. But here in my northern realm, it feels and looks a bit more like winter. I am cozied up alongside my hearth, with flame in … Continue reading A Belly Full of Satisfaction


The Drs. aired a Special episode today with an all male audience to ask everything they always wanted to know but don’t understand about women.  One man wanted to know what it is with women and chocolate.  He thought that sometimes women would prefer chocolate to sex.  At least he thinks his woman would, so … Continue reading THE BLISS CONNECTION