Know Thyself

After many years of guiding women in midlife through the turbulent waters of the empty next, I am completely overhauling my course of Self C.A.R.E™ from an in person, one-on-one or small group format, to an online, self-paced curriculum. Stay tuned for expected launch date.

Testimonials for Self C.A.R.E™

Begin the journey into your heart and follow your spirit to a life of your own making.

“Excellent course. Gentle teacher nudging me forward and helping me realize the only one holding me back was me. I was able to see my life ahead and look at the total picture. I learned how to use my ideas to achieve what I needed for my life plan.” – Cathy S.

Step into your authentic self and start filling the empty next with your wildest dreams.

“This has been life changing for me. I’ve learned how to set goals for myself and achieve them. Judith has set me along paths I never dreamed I would follow and the results will be
lasting and beneficial.” – Kathy M.

A time of change for the better. At time to discover passion and grow into the wisdom that lies ahead.

“I am now a beacon for drawing positive energy into my life. I know that everything I need to achieve my dreams is within me. I just have to bring it out into the light and let it grow.” – Christine H.

Learn more about the Self C.A.R.E.™ path to finding your living the life of your dreams.

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