Self C.A.R.E. & Vision Quests

Self C.A.R.E.™

A personal development course focusing on finding Clarity, taking Action, assessing and repeating Results and Enchanting your life. Participants will experience guided visualization, free-flow writing, journaling and collage to create a clear and precise picture of their personal life goals. Learn how to formulate strategies for action, design supportive environments, follow through on your plans, assess results, repeat what works, and finally achieve your desired outcome for an enriching life.

Vision Quest – Breaking Through

This one-on-one journey is designed to help individuals break through barriers in specific areas of life and requires between 4 to 6 meetings at weekly or bi-weekly intervals. Do you know the steps to a healthy lifestyle, but can’t seem to motivate yourself in that direction? Are you struggling with acceptance of the sometimes unwanted, but inevitable changes in life? Have you endeavored to achieve forgiveness – for others or yourself – only to bump up against resistance time and again? Vision Quest is based in the foundations of Self C.A.R.E™ but delves deeper into your specific needs and desires. You’ll discover your unique motivational style and improve success with follow-through and follow-up techniques.

Design Your Own Group Retreat

Self C.A.R.E™ and Vision Quests can be customized and combined with Playshop art and expression classes to create weekend retreats for small groups. Typical activities include yoga, self-healing with energy work, guided visualizations and meditation, and of course the Self C.A.R.E core curriculum.

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