manifest / man·i·fest  / manəˌfest: To make evident or certain by showing or displaying. To reveal outwardly or make apparent.

As a writer, I am a word-nerd and stickler for precise language. But, as an artist and witch I can appreciate poetic license; I’m not above romancing words. I like the magical connotation of manifesting, or more accurately, conjuring my desires into reality through the power of intention and will.

Conjur / kon-jer: to call or bring into existence by or as if by magic.

However, it becomes a bit of slippery slope when applied to the domain of personal development and its brain-child—the power of attraction. (Read more of my thoughts on this here).

Suffice to say, in my life I strive to manifest an aesthetic that reflects my values, my desire for sovereignty, my appreciation for beauty, and my intent to keep it all simple.

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