To paint is the most terrific thing that there is, but to do it well is very difficult.

~ Frida Kahlo

My art practice is a mix of many mediums and techniques – an emerging style of artistic expression often referred to as intentional creativity or intuitive art. In this style, the artist approaches the canvas or page from a place of emotion rather than with a visual plan. The intent is to allow the art to reveal itself.

Please enjoy these images of my artwork, but respect the copyright and ownership. Do not share on your personal or commercial websites, blogs or in other electronic or print publications without obtaining permission by emailing me.


Echinacea – Watercolor

Autumn Leaves -

Autumn Leaves – Digital Mixed Media











Goddess – Mixed Media


Mary Queen of Heaven – Acrylic








Sun and Stars – Acrylic

Birth of Spring

Birth of Spring – Watercolor



The Ancient One – Digital Collage



Too Soon September – Mixed Media


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