Welcome Home

 .   .   .  to the realm of the MAD Goddess

It’s been quite a journey getting here. Indeed, when all of this began I was middle aged, and utterly mad (in an off-with-their-heads kind of way). These days, middle age is a distant milepost in my review mirror. I’m settling into my crone years, a bit less the mad woman and a tad wiser for the wear.

I am a writer, artist, homemaker, feminist, and simple witch (witchcraft without religion).  Nature is my sanctuary, gratitude is my practice and fierce love is my dogma.

From Midlife to Living Magically

Not so long ago I would have said I was becoming crone one mistake at a time, but as a crone in training I am expected to be wise; wise women don’t make mistakes—we have learning experiences.

So a funny thing happened on the way to this place; I lost my youth and found my way—my own way. I’m manifesting a simpler life, a life I can love, with fewer things to weigh me down and more experiences to lift me up. Have less, do more, love big, and live magically.

Life doesn’t always go as planned but I’m doing my best, navigating the second half of this earthly journey with no surrender and all the magick I can muster. If you’d like to hear all about it, follow my blog. Or check out my posts on the Agora for Patheos Pagan.

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~ Blessed Be and Journey Well

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